J. Anthony Brown, Dropped The Mic On The Tom Joyner Morning Show

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The J. Anthony Brown radio debacle with the Tom Joyner Morning Show appears to be over.  According to a Brown colleague, the famed radio sidekick was back on air this morning with Tom and gang.

The most endearing tag-team in urban radio history has come to an abrupt and inglorious end, the media has reported.

Beloved comedian J. Anthony Brown  has, according to Urban Insite, quit the “Tom Joyner Morning Show” over a situation involving money. The site goes on to state that Brown’s departure occurred Wednesday (Jan. 13) and that it reached out Reach Media Inc., which syndicates the “TJMS,” to confirm or deny the report’s of Brown’s absence after the media company questioned the validity of its story.

Although it didn’t get a direct answer from Reach Media, sources revealed to Urban Insite that the situation stemmed from Brown receiving a 50 percent pay cut. The site reasoned that the issue was “directly related” to Brown’s attitude and disappearance from the long-running radio show.

Reach Media  and its director of communications, Kelly Harrington, later replied back to the online publication with a transcript of an off-air conversation that took place between Brown, “TJMS” creator and co-host Tom Joyner and their fellow co-host  Sybil Wilkes.

From the conversation, Brown mentioned that he was not alright after Joyner checked on him and added that he was “quitting.” Thinking that Brown was joking, Joyner and Wilkes responded with laughter.

Tom Joyner Jay Anthony Brown

Brown then replied that he was serious and ultimately walked out of the studio with no further response. Joyner’s attempt to reconnect with Brown several times as well as efforts to reach out to the comedian personally and professionally proved unsuccessful as he and Wilkes were surprised Brown actually left the studio.

Urban Insite reports that Brown is currently under contract with Reach Media Inc. and the “TJMS,” adding that there is a plan underway to discuss what happened off-air with Brown.

The following is what Urban Insite received from Reach Media and Harrington, regarding its inquiry about Brown:


Today J. Anthony Brown surprised Tom Joyner, Sybil Wilkes and the production staff of the Tom Joyner Morning Show with the following:

After the end of the first break, at 6:10am CT, the hour the following exchange occurred –

ON AIR – 6:10 am

(Tom Joyner taking the show to break)

Tom Joyner: Ten, ten past the hour


Tom Joyner: Player, you feel alright?

Anthony Brown: Huh?

Tom Joyner: You feel alright today?

Anthony Brown: No, I don’t feel good. Uh, in fact I’m quitting. I’m quitting today. (laughter from Tom and Sybil) You guys can have it, man. I’ve had enough of this, seriously. Bye

(more laughter from Tom and Sybil)

Sybil Wilkes: (chucking) Bye? What’s the matter?

Tom Joyner: I don’t know. Did he just cut the mic? Player?…Player?

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