Meagan Good and Devon Franklin “The Wait” Book Signing

Hollywood Power Couple, Devon Franklin and Meagan Good spoke with about their highly anticipated new book, The Wait following an evening with the Los Angeles chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. (The text below represent excerpts from our forthcoming video interview.)

Reel Urban News:Devon, out of the nine chapters in your recently published book, The Wait, which chapter resonates with you the most?

Devon Franklin:”It’s chapter six that I wrote for men that really resonates with me the most. That chapter is straight from the heart. It’s also what I lived.”

“I wrote this chapter to help us unpack all of the baggage that we have as men. So much of society want’s us to live in this box of what manhood is.  A lot of that box is killing and suffocating us. Manhood can’t be placed in a box the size society is trying to place us in.”

“This is particular chapter is really a charge for men on how to become healthy and successful. And how to do it while you practice, The Wait.”

Reel Urban News:Meagan, speaking to woman from a chapter perspective in The Wait, what is your primary focus?

Meagan Good:“I focus on that we all have a very similar journey as it pertains to women losing their virginity, what our experiences are like in relationships and ultimately how we come to a decision when you decide to wait.”

“A lot of the reasoning is very similar. It’s a spiritual thing. It’s because you’ve experienced the hurt and pain already. It’s because you believe in doing it God’s way even if you’re not doing it’s God’s way.”

“I try to be as transparent as I can be about my experiences. What I find doing that is that many women have had the same or very similar experiences. I just try to encourage or uplift women by letting them know, it’s worth The Wait.”

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