ReelUrbanNews.com is an original video content driven new media website designed to provide the viewer with the absolute best in original programming.  Because of our independent content and  viewers, ReelUrbanNews.com continues to experience tremendous growth. We have witnessed a sizeable increase in unique visitor traffic to our site in addition to expanded viewership of our overall original programing.

     ReelUrbanNews.com remains editorially sound while continuing to provide a new media platform to those persons whom we feel have significant and impactful stories, insight and wisdom to share. In this our third year we express our sincere gratitude to those individuals whom we have had the privilege to share with in a ReelUrbanNews.com interview setting.

     ReelUrbanNews.com mission remains the same, to provide editorial content for those persons seeking positive news, profiles and information not covered in mainstream media. Because of our independence, ReelUrbanNews.com is able to go in-depth as we cover stories that are important to you our viewer. To our credit, the video that appears on ReelUrbanNews.com is all original content, shot and produced by our talented team of new media journalist.

     ReelUrbanNews.com will share the majority of our story content via the video format, thus allowing you to see, hear and even feel our stories and the subject matter contained within. In addition to the video format, we are pleased to announce that our newly re-designed website provides a platform for blogging, commentaries and articles.  Finally, because ReelUrbanNews.com is a new media platform, we are also aggressively using Twitter and Facebook along with other new media public outlets to expand and brand and our message.  

     ReelUrbanNews.com invites to you remain with us on this groundbreaking journey as we strive to provide intelligent and independent content that is relevant, revealing, and resolute. Please share with ReelUrbanNews.com your thoughts regarding our site. In addition, please inform us of the stories that you want to see on ReelUrbanNews.com. Finally, make ReelUrbanNews.com a part of daily internet destination. And most of all tell your friends and family members about this unique new media platform that you have discovered with original independent video content that is Always Compelling, and Always Exceptional!

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