As the nation struggles to recover financially, The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has embarked upon a bold campaign to assist communities and persons dealing with today’s financial challenges. Dedrick Muhammad, Senior Director, Economic Programs for the NAACP shared with some of the association’s goals for the coming months. “This past April the NAACP launched our Financial Freedom Center and our financial campaign which is based around helping people have a  clearer analysis of what has taken place with the economy and what they can do to help their own economic situation.”  Dedrick Muhammad, NAACP Dir. Financial Freedom Centers



In an effort to increase personal financial literacy, according to Muhammad, the NAACP has partnered with two national banking institutions that will provide guidance to individuals desiring to make sound financial decisions.  “Wells Fargo bank is the first supporter of our Financial Freedom Campaign and just a few weeks ago Bank of American also signed on to teach responsible mortgage lending principals.”    Dedrick Muhammad, NAACP Dir. Financial Freedom Centers



  1. This is wonderful! Thank you for making financial literacy training available to the people who need it the most!

  2. This new Financial Freedom Centers initiative is going to be a good, specific help to our local communities..thank you.

    Question: Does the NAACP provide grants and scholarships to young people for college. I know a young man whose desire is to attend MIT, and he has the grades, motivation and is an inventor…thanks!

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