Kurt Mitchell Hocker Sunrise 12.12.1966 ~ Sunset 10.9.2017

Kurt was a team manager on the football team and a track runner. He specialized in the 400 and 800 meters, and on the 4 X 400M races. He never missed practice and always did his best. He was smart, he was admired by his peers and teachers, and he was liked. His personality was positive and heartwarming. When we played Miraleste H.S. for our first CIF championship, our field telephones went down, so for the entire first half, we were sending notes back and forth from the field to the press box, by Kurt. As I was writing one of the many notes we sent that half, I looked over at Kurt, bent over, breathing hard, and very tired. I said, “OK, take this to coach Bill.” He looked up with a smile, and said “Right away, coach.” This is a small example of how dedicated he was to his team and his school. That same attitude was personified in track. We could always count on him to get the job done.

I loved the Hocker Family from his dad Al, who put so many Verbum Dei students to work for Superior Airlines, to his mom, who was a school teacher and served so many children, teaching them, and also rearing so many of them, to the wonderful son they gave us at Verbum Dei.  I thank God every day for this family and families like the Hocker family.

They never disappoint!

Lalo Mendoza, Coach & Family Friend, Verbum Dei High School

Kurt M. Hocker, smiling and relaxing.
Kurt M. Hocker, smiling and relaxing.

I’ve known Kurt for 37 years. He was a son, husband, father and a friend. I had the pleasure of celebrating a few milestones in his life – college graduation, wedding to Felicia, etc. He was well dressed, well read, intelligent and no nonsense. I always said that he should be a contestant on the game show, “Jeopardy”

No more pain my brother. Soar high. You’ll be missed.

May God bless you and your family.

Cary Singleton, Verbum Dei High School ’84

Kurt Hocker with long time friend, Johnnie Doyle.
Kurt Hocker with high school classmate and long time friend, Johnny Doyle.

Kurt Mitchell Hocker was one of my oldest friends. We met at Verbum Dei High School in the fall of 1980, our freshman year in high school. We have been friends/brothers ever since. Kurt was a class act, a gentleman, a business professional, a family man, a son and one of the most charismatic people that I have had the pleasure of knowing. He could light up a room with his wit and charm. During his life he accomplished much. He was a vice president of a major banking institution and served on the boards of several organizations (most notably Verbum Dei High School). He loved golf and spending time with his family, especially watching his son play basketball. When he decided to take on a project or business endeavor he gave 100% and oftentimes was successful in accomplishing his goals. He often inspired me with his work ethic.

Although I’m sad that he will no longer be on this earth I will keep Kurt in my heart and mind. The times we shared will be remembered until we meet again. Friends are often too hard to find, especially those are so dear and been a part of your life for so long. May Kurt rest in eternal peace.

Kurt is survived by his wife Felicia, his daughter Kennedy (16), his son Blake (12) and his father Albert Hocker.

Johnny Doyle, Verbum Dei High School ’84

Kurt Hocker headshot 3

Remembering Kurt Hocker was to know that he was the first metrosexual Black male that I can remember. Kurt was a fearless dresser and confident man. He wore colors like pink, lavender, purple and yellow that most boys or men would not dare to in the eighties. His lunch idea (Hello Kitty Lunch Pale) was originally frowned upon, but later embraced. He was a major part of an eclectic group of young men that chose to attend a SMALL Catholic school in Watts.  I remember my brother Kurt as the calm, cool and collected voice in the room that spoke his mind.  He was athletic, articulate and courageous. He will be remembered as the brother who bridged gaps from the “hood” to the boardroom. I remember getting my first pedicure in the eighties out of necessity and being confident because I was taught to be an individual team member and I knew he would approve.  Kurt was one of my fashion heroes, which motivates me to this day. He will be truly missed.

Keith Alex, Verbum Dei High School ’86

Max Barnes, Cary Singleton, Lonnie Christopher, Clifford Penick, Harold Edison, Johnny Doyle and Kurt Hocker
Max Barnes, Cary Singleton, Lonnie Christopher, Clifford Penick, Harold Edison, Johnny Doyle and Kurt Hocker

“I pray that you will be strengthened by the One who has changed death from a period to a comma and the grave from a terminal point to a thoroughfare that leads to eternal life. While death is potent, death is not omnipotent.  There are some things death cannot do.  Death cannot cancel the contribution one makes in a lifetime nor limit the length of the legacy one leaves behind.  Death cannot erase the experience we hold dear nor mar the memories we keep near.  “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from henceforth.  Yea, said the Spirit that they may rest from their labors, and their works do follow them.”  Revelation 14:13.”