“It’s Ground Hog Day and you see this over and over again. Every 28 hours in America a young Black man is shot and killed by a police officer or vigilante. Number one, we should have dash cams and body cams on every police officer in American. People are better behaved when they are on camera. Why are we doing a 20th Century investigation in the Mike Brown case instead of using 21st Century technology? Every police department in America should reflect the diversity of its community.” Lisa Bloom, Civil Rights Attorney,The Bloom Firm

“I’m also struck in terms of the response of the Ferguson Police Department and police officers there in Missouri. They have really heightened the us versus them mentality which really goes to the heart of the protest, which I call, the uprising of the community. I doubt if there is really going to be a criminal conviction. In fact, if there are even charges brought.” Carl Douglas, Civil Rights Attorney, Douglas/Hicks Law

“I think obviously they are trying to taint the jury pool and they want to get a version of Mr. Brown out that is violent. What I’m not certain of, is if the officer that shot Mr. Brown even knew about the robbery. I would be interested to know if that played a role in his decision to shoot Mr. Brown. I don’t think this officer is going to be indicted on criminal charges.” Jamon Hicks, Criminal Defense , Attorney Douglas/Hicks Law


*Update – August 9, 2015 – actually the Anniversary of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson – We invite you to check out the Civil Rights Live Legal Panel II – where the lawyers from our Justice Panel sat down with Prosecutors and Police, to discuss Civil Rights topics of today.  In a 2 hour discussion with Police and the community, our Justice Panel of Carl E. Douglas, Lisa Bloom and Jamon R. Hicks dive deep into solutions for these problems.



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