It was a simple request on my Facebook wall:

***We are looking at doing a TRUMP’S FIRST 100 DAYS piece from

    REAL PEOPLE.*** . No pundits, politicos…nor pretense. Just your

    thoughts on what you’d like to say about Trump’s first 100 days.”

I braced myself for the vocal critics of Donald Trump. After all, if one primarily consumes the stalwarts of traditional political media, the coverage of the Trump administration is pretty much doom and gloom.

Instead, I was pleasantly surprised. It is an understatement to say I was proud of those who “braved” the toxic political climate to publicly state their thoughts regarding President Trump’s first 100 days. They are a searing example of how there is hope for civility…even in the era of Trump! Here are a few of the comments (I left their comments, “as is”):

“I think he’s been trying to do what we as conservatives are expecting. The larger items being held up in court is a strategy that is new on this level. I can see it being overplayed as there is no losing from a democrat perspective. We will need a rubber stamp Supreme Court ruling in Trumps favor be almost immediate within hours of dems filing. It’s the only way to move things forward. If this doesn’t happen precious little will be accomplished.” —Barry Berman

“I’m hopeful for the first time in eight years. Seems to be on the right track to me.” —Rick Johnson

“Leaving the status quo might be good for some, but his rhetoric and his eagerness to be in the news is hurting his reputation. He needs to be more diplomatic.” — Steve Ringgold

“I lived in CA for too long….got a little soft I think..the pictures of families torn apart…where will they go ? who will care for them…..but …..illegal is illegal even if you change the moniker to undocumented workers.. Now CA a sanctuary state ??? The flow of illegals into this country has got to STOP. We have to hear from law enforcement and property owners who have to deal with the problems to counter the political correctness.” — Janet Wagner

“The ‘Ship of State’ is slowly turning back in the other direction. Overall this is good, except for science and the environment. Excellent foreign policy and defense team which will advise him well.” —Carl Thormeyer

“I have nothing positive or helpful to contribute. And since Im working at curtailing my negative hate talk, I probably should just pass on this. LOL” —Rosie De Santos

“Getting Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court is HUGE!  I am so far pleased with the Trump administration and not surprised by the media spin of the first 100 days.” —Elisa Judy

“Donald Trump’s first 100 days has been a remarkable time of great accomplishment. He has shown the American people that when it is up to him, he is keeping the promises that he made while on the campaign trail. The most significant to us was selecting Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Judge Gorsuch is the type of judge Trump promised. Also, because of his actions, he is also exposing the extreme views of the 9th circuit as well as the Rhinos in the House and Senate who are preventing him from accomplishing more. We are looking forward to the 2nd 100 days!” — Fred and Christine McCuistion

Even as I write this ‘man on the street’ piece, I still hit the internet here and there to see what other 100 Days analyses are out there. There are a slew, but so far, this is the only one highlighting a perspective void of titles, affiliation, and credentials. No pundits, politicos…nor pretense. I hope you enjoyed our REAL PEOPLE perspective.

Cynthia Shaffer, National Editor, Reel Urban News, from the great state of Texas covers politics, family, military, social and global issues. @CyFlys
Cynthia Shaffer, National Editor, Reel Urban News, from the great state of Texas covers politics, family, military, social and global issues. @CyFlys