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Lately, Hillary Clinton has taken to saying that when Donald Trump says, “Let’s make America great again”, that is code for let’s take America backwards. It sounds like the same rhetoric that is associated with the phrase, “We’re going to take our country back.” As if he had a crystal ball and saw Mrs. Clinton’s upcoming interpretation, Robert Empasis, another California Republican, explains what both phrases mean to him through the lens of America’s national interests, military, and foreign policy.

Fourth Response:

An American Veteran
Robert Empasis, is an American Veteran and Republican

My interpretation of: “We’re going to take our country back.”

“When I first registered as a voter, a college professor once told me that I needed to register as a Democrat because, “that is the party that would best serve my interest.”  Being naïve, I took his advice and realized later on that my beliefs were not same as the Democrat Party. Jimmy Carter’s presidency embarrassed me to the point that I switched to the Republican Party after listening to what Ronald Reagan had to say during his candidacy. As I grew older, I became cognizant of the so-called takers versus those like me that had to pay for those takers.  I saw welfare in Monterey County grow into a big business. I learned that many on welfare preferred to stay on the system because the benefits outweighed having to work.

As I grew older, I noticed many undocumented workers living in this county would use the welfare system at the taxpayer’s expense.  I saw bureaucrats do nothing to prevent this and I saw lawmakers in California turn a blind eye for political correctness.  How do I know this, if you fast-forward into my career, I have investigated welfare fraud for the district attorney’s office and had worked as a Deputy Sheriff in many low-income communities.  I have seen those who have worked hard to get off welfare and have seen those who accept it as a way of life. I have seen the abuses and I’ve seen the majority of their punishments, mostly a slap in the hand.  The abusers, at most, get a continuance of their welfare benefits because of the so-called children. Rightfully so, but as you can see, a lot of the fixable waste can be corrected at best by not granting welfare to an undocumented non-US Citizen.

I saw welfare as a family business.  Mothers would have babies to get more welfare money.  Babies would grow into teenagers and would start a new generation of welfare dependency.  Living in Monterey County and it being an agricultural community draws many to the area for the work it produces.  Many are Hispanic, but let’s not forget the Filipinos, Japanese and the Chinese who were here earlier.

Trump, in my opinion, is being unfairly labeled as a racist.  Like many patriots, I am not against immigration.  I am an American who just wants our borders secured and an America that believes, very much like Trump, that immigration can continue with those who choose to do it legally. I am an American who believes that welfare abuse is one should be fixed.  And I’m an American that would be labeled a racist if it weren’t for the fact that I’m a 62-year-old first generation Filipino American born in America and is proud to say that I identify more with the American values than to the values of my country of origin.

Another area needing attention is the blatant disregard of our national interest.  Since Obama became president, I’m sickened by many of his decisions of doing nothing, and leading from behind.  He’s downsized our military, forced generals who have opposed his views into retirement, and has replaced them with his puppets.   Our enemies have filled the voids and the world is more dangerous than it’s ever been.  Obama and the democrats have weakened America globally not only militarily but also in commerce.

Obama’s radical ideology and the way the mainstream media plays to that ideology has benefited Donald Trump’s vision. Donald Trump’s, “We’re going to take our country back” slogan brings me hope that someday America will be strong and respected worldwide compared to Obama’s deliberate weakening of America since he became president.

Trump’s stance in what is best for America is what I believe we need to deter Russia, North Korea, Iran and many others when they act out.  I believe Trump will rebuild our military and I believe Trump will get this country out of the deficits made worst by Obama and his administration.”

Cynthia Shaffer, Political Editor for Reel Urban News, asked several self-identified Republicans: What do Republicans mean when they say, “We’re going to take our country back.” As is expected of Reel Urban News, Mr. Empasis’ contribution is original content and provides information not covered in mainstream media. Including his support for Donald Trump in his response serves double duty : 1) A Trump supporter actually has a chance to represent himself instead of being caricatured by the mainstream media and, 2) Mr. Empasis defies the mainstream media’s stereotype that Trump does not have a diversity of supporters.

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Cynthia Shaffer, Political Editor, Reel Urban News, covers and writes about local and national politics from Northern California.
Cynthia Shaffer, Political Editor, Reel Urban News, covers and writes about local and national politics from Northern California.