The Woman Project is a not-for-profit artistic activism group that uses creative messaging and installations to invite inclusiveness on difficult topics that effect every Rhode Islander.

Started as four women who went to bed in horror on November 8th 2016, and woke up with a determination to make life better for our daughters and community, The Woman Project fight for women’s rights, one topic at a time. The Woman Project creators knew that by reaching out to other woman there could be a catalyst moment for protecting the rights envisioned would be attacked.

The Woman Project celebrates, educates and acts on behalf of all women with creative solutions to effect political change. Join TWP during any of the bi-weekly meetings, volunteer at a point that is best for you and/or start your own project in one way or another through Woman Project initiatives!

The Woman Project Manifesto Where Art Meets Activism”

 We love art and creativity.

We believe that art and creative work have the power to affect political discourse and effect change.

We are feminists who believe in intersectionality and are:

Pro-woman (all women identified people)

Pro-choice (we are only fully free if we have control of our bodies)

Pro-social justice (we are only fully free if we have social justice for all)

Pro-racial justice (we are only fully free if we have racial justice and equality for all)

Pro-environment (we are only fully free if we have a habitable and healthy planet to live on)

We are committed to collaborating with creative women to organize visual spectacles that have the power to incite lasting positive political and cultural change for our fellow citizens, our country, and the generations that will come after us.